Monday, November 26, 2007

Update! I am going to Key West for Winter Break (Jan. 10-17th) with my friend from school Sam. We are going to live on a boat and swim with dolphins. And anything else we can plan.

My goal is to loose 2 pounds a week (or go to the gym everyday and eat healthy) until then.

I am also going to be working on being more joyful in my life and in God.

Things I want to do (if you are interested):
- Christmas Shopping - negative - but planned
- Get a holiday Mani/Pedi - pedi check and I LOVE the color
- Change license to say I'm not a minor anymore - neg.
- Get motorcycle license - neg.
- Hanging out with my kid brother - check
- Visiting him at UofO - check
- Wine Tasting - neg.
- Checking out the local micro-breweries - went to McMinamins (so not really)
- Checking out the "cool" clubs/bars - went to Dixie and Solo (well outside of Solo)
- Thanksgiving - check
- Watching Gilmore Girls - check - more than 1/2 way through the series
- Going to Lavish - neg.
- Before We All Leave Reunion Reunion party - check
- Hanging out with all you cool kiddies - check

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Traci said...

I'm sad I didn't have access to this sooner than today! I could TOTALLY have helped you check off wine tasting and the local breweries! that will be your Post-graduation present when you make it back here!!!

so excited to keep up on your thoughts while you finish up school!!