Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why I Love Good Customer Service and Beer

As many of you know.  I'm kind of a brewery fanatic.  I tend to choose where I'm going to eat based on new breweries I've never been too.  We live in the micro brewery capital of the world.  Who can blame me?  I also have a pretty "epic" logo pint glass collection from my travels.  And this Thanksgiving weekend was no except.  My dad was visiting from China (I have him to thank for getting me into breweries) and Kirk was playing basketball in Washington.

So for lunch we stopped at Fish Brewing Co. in Olympia, WA.  They are an organic brewery (which is awesome in it's own right).  And was pretty bummed when I found out they are out of logo pint glasses...Fast forward to dinner, we decided to check out the Green Dragon, who Dad had heard about from some friend in China and I had heard about through Twitter.  And guess what?  They were also out of pint glasses!  I was so bummed and told our waiter about what had happened at Fish Brewing.  She disappeared and came back with a Fish Brewing pint glass for me!  Turns out they sell Fish Beer there and had some promo pint glasses.  She seriously made my day!

When was your last great experience with customer service?  Or tell me about another great brewery.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Holiday Season, Give Gifts that Give TWICE!

As many of you know I've been doing freelance work for an awesome company call CafeGive for the past couple of months. A lot of you have been asking about it. What I'm doing, what CafeGive does, how you can get involved. So with the holidays just around the corner I thought I would pass on the love by sending you all:

Your Personal Invitation to Shop for a Cause:

In July 2009, a brand new business launched, and I have been a part of the creation process. Please spend some time on our site,, where your purchases will benefit one of the causes you choose. Help us build some momentum for this new way to shop — where causes benefit and you can support change in the world! I am so excited to share it with you.

Lots of online stores—find gifts, cards and more!
• We’ve added lots of stores and made it really easy to shop while you earn for a cause.
• Over 150 great stores to choose from...we have it all, no need to go to the mall. Choose a cause you want to support!
• You’ll find local and national causes—benefitting children, animals, or the environment. Now that I’ve told you, pass it on!
• Visit and see how easy it is to select a cause, shop, and create a widget to encourage others to shop.