Monday, April 06, 2009

Saturday Sun Adventures

This weekend I was so blessed to have my friend, Jon Grotz, come to visit from Washington.  I've known Jon since we were sophomores in high school, we both went to Westview and Sunset Presbyterian Church (and thus the Honduras mission trip) together.  Not only did Jon come to visit but he brought along some freaking nice sunny weather.  So Saturday we decided to go for a hike on Wildwood trail in Portland.  We also brought along Katie Kalk (our leader), her dog, Wilson, CJ Walters, and my dog, Dainty.  We made plans to meet up with one of Jon's childhood friends, Courtney, at Laurelwood Brewery for lunch.  I was pretty excited for the sunny weather, the chance to be outside, and the opportunity to check out a brewery I'd never been too.  Needless, to say, we got a little lost.  And our half hour hike turned into a two hour, how the heck do we went out of this neighborhood on a cliff ordeal.  We eventually walked down Burnside and cut over to Kearney in time to meet Jon's friend.  Ordered a couple of pints.  I had the Mother Lode Golden Ale and some season ale (I can't remember the name...)  Both were really good.  We ended up calling my mom to come rescue us.  More Dainty, who is getting a little old and I was worried wouldn't make it on the hike back to Jon's car.  All in all a fun, laughter filled weekend.

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coolJENNA said...

Yes! We sang it at City Wide last night and I saw it on your twitter update. It's such a powerful song.