Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BiteSize's Brews

I really like this new blog name. (Thanks Lauren for suggesting it.)

Why Bite Size?

It's been my nickname since freshman year of high school. Long story short, one of the senior guys over heard my dad calling me "Pint Size" after water polo practice one day and thought my dad said "Bite Size." Thus the name has stuck ever since. It also helps that I come from a family of giants and yet am pretty short. Plus, it's already my Twitter name, bite4size.

Why Brews?
This one should be pretty obvious. It's a blog about beer or "brews".

What do you think of my new name?


Melinda said...

Darn. I was hoping for 'Foaming at the Mouth'! JK. Nice choice.

Jenna said...

Ha! That reminds me of a rabid dog... What are your thoughts on "BiteSize Now PintSize" or "BiteSize's PintSized Thoughts" for blog names?

Deadford said...

Love the blog (not too late to name it Brewtacular! Brewtacular!). In fact, I'm doing a beer exchange with a buddy in 'Bama who has his own beer blog with some other beery friends of ours ( First shipment his way includes Ninkasi, Deschutes and Roots beers. Thoughts on other favorite Oregon/Northwest micros to send him?

Jenna said...

Thanks Deadford! How does a beer exchange work? I'm going to be building out a blog roll specific to beers and I'll definitely check your friends out. As for PNW beers, definitely check out Full Sail, they are employee owned which I think is great to support as well as Fish Tale (in Washington), they are organic. Another great thing to support.