Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Natural Step Wants Me To Go To Antarctica!!

Here is a letter The Natural Step USA will be sending out!!

Hi Guys,
I would REALLY like to see my friend Jenna Forstrom earn her way onto an educational expedition to Antarctica this coming February but she needs your help (5 minutes, no money!) to get there. In order to address the ever increasing issues related to climate change, we look to Antarctica for information and answers. Jenna is a driven, intelligent, young sustainability professional who, full of energy and ambition, will truly make the most of this opportunity to educate and inform others about her experience there.  
Please take a few quick minutes to 'vote' for Jenna online :  Send Jenna to Antarctica!
Really want to help Jenna? Tweet the link above, add it to your facebook page, and finally pass this on to people who send you forwards and are often in your inbox. Give them the opportunity to make especially good use of their online time!

Did you vote for me?

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