Friday, October 16, 2009

Almost Didn't Make It

...but I'm now in Massachusetts!  Cape Cod to be exact.

Yesterday I realized United booked the wrong dates for my trip.  Can we say freak out?  Luckily things got taken care of (or are still in the processes of being handled but I'm here so I'm not worrying).  Anyways, I stayed up most of last night.  Flew through Denver, arrived in Boston, took the bus to Cape Cod.  Had my cousin John and his wife Katie pick me up from the bus station.  It was so great seeing them, I hadn't seen them since May 2008 when I graduated from Bentley.  And headed to my grandmother's "Grammie"'s house.  It was so great seeing her as well!

There is just something about being "home" that makes everything feel so good.  So what am I doing here tonight?  The same thing I did while at college, come down for a weekend, spend the first night working on homework.  Although tonight it was "real" work.  Can't believe the last time I was here I was a college student and now I'm a graduate!

What was your worse airplane experience?

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