Thursday, February 25, 2010

Middle School Camp 2010 Highlights

Man, my life has been crazy! Lots going on in the world
of Jenna, but I thought I would share my highlights from
Winter Camp 2010 Everyday Apples.

  • Sundays from Heaven: Dropping ice cream sundays from 2nd floor of building onto eagerly awaiting middle schoolers with bowls.
  • Earthball: Dominating mud game, humans vs. 6 foot yoga balls.
  • Accidently sending my co-leader Jenn to the ER: Don't worry she's okay and our 7th grade girls got a perfect example of how God answers prayers.
  • Meeting my co-leader Jenn: She rocks! God has great things in store for her. I'm a little bit jealous of her passion for life (okay WAY jealous).
  • Having one of our girls REALLY open up about her life in the foster care system.
  • DANCE PARTY! Yes, the tights made a return.
  • Being fed: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for four days straight!
  • Laughing so hard with my girls, all I can say is "Kurticus"...
Nothing like spending time with 7th grade girls to help you get your priorities straight in life.

Love, laugh, pray.


GodSide said...

Glad you had a great weekend...even more lad glad that you will marry a greek surgeon or whatever he was ;)

Jenna said...

HAHAHA! Me too!