Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Okay Okay

So if you hadn't noticed, I've been kind of sick/stress/anxious/miserable/negative lately. Kind of out of character for me. So I decided this morning. After getting woken up too early, that I need an attitude adjustment. I need to refocus and be more positive.

So I'm trying (failing in my imperfect human ways) but trying.

And God is still blessing me and Satan is testing me at the same time.

WHO WOULDN'T KILL FOR A CHANCE TO GO TO CHINA? More importantly, who wouldn't be totally stoked to have two whole weeks to hang out with their dad in China and Thailand (did I mention Thailand yet?)

All I have to do is survive this week and I'm golden.

Pos: Get to go to China.
Neg: Have to get a ton of last minute subs at the pool.
Pos: I was scared I was going to have to quit my job to be able to go to China, but was totally shocked at how awesome my boss was in helping me get subs. That is done with! (Not to mention she gave me a ton of Lead Guard Hours since another HG is having surgery so I'm going to break even after going to China for a week!)
Neg: I have to refill a prescription.
Pos: Call it in!
Neg: Apparently the drugs I have been taking are "black boxed" which means they could kill me. Now I have to fix a doctors visit in before Saturday - found a spot.
Pos: Figuring this out before my health benefits run out.
Neg: Need to get a hair cut.
Pos: My friend suggested this really awesome place. I got in. And they do eyebrows - two birds one stone.

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