Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years 2009!

Has it really been this long since I have blogged? WOW! I must be loosing it...

I'm contemplating doing a year in review...however, it might be short and sweet:

Jan. - Visited Key West, FL. with my friend, Sam for a week and lived on a boat. Craziest time of my life. First time I ever slept in an airport overnight and the first (and only time) I went to a strip club (in my defense, I didn't know it was a strip club until we got into the place).

Feb. Went an saw Spring Awakening in NYC with Julie. Met Greg Mortensen who wrote Three Cups of Tea. Which I didn't read until May when I did my road trip with my dad (we actually listened to it on tape).

March - Did a Spring Break cruise with my friend, Julie. First real experience cruise (I'm not counting the ghetto on I did in Greece last year). Went to Miami, Mexico, Grand Cayman. Almost missed our cruise and kissed a sting ray!

April - Was basically spent finishing up college. Finals, papers, projects, wrapping up extra curricular work. Lots of reflection time.

May - Graduated from COLLEGE! Went to the Bahamas with 600 of my fellow graduates. Did a 10 day cross country trip with my dad. First time we had ever hung out in my life.

June - Jade came to visit from Boston. Although a somewhat awkward visit, it was fun to show an East Coast girl and West Coast way to have fun. Really, I'm just glad our friendship survived it.

July - Went to my 9th year of Houseboat, bitter sweet since BK wasn't there with me. Learned what it was like to be a "utility player".

August - Spent two weeks visiting my dad in China and Thailand, actually rode an elephant. Like sat on her head, not in a basket on her back.

September - GOT A REAL JOB! And joined an awesome Bible study with eight wonderful ladies, an awesome leader/mentor, and a phenomenal cook. Also went to Auburn to visit BK and experience my first Div. I college football game.

October - Pretty uneventful. Saw Warren Miller's Children of Winter and adjusted to being a "working gal".

November - Still adjusting to being a working girl. Trying to learn as much as I can about sustainability. Being a Geek. Also saw Call+Response.

December - Got snowed in from the Oregon "Arctic Blast." Celebrated Christmas and had to deal with my family.

WOW! So maybe my life isn't that bad. I guess it could be way worse. Maybe I just need to travel more...

I'm super excited about 2009. I even made a New Year's Resolution. Which I've never really done before. But being a "grown" up and all. I really think I need to start taking my finances seriously. So...

My New Year's Resolution is for every pay check:
Tithe 10% and Save 20%!

What is your New Year's Resolution?

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