Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Traci's Challenege

So my friend Traci, just challenged me to not say the "F-Word" for the entire month of December in honor of Jesus' birthday. Apparently I say it more often than I realize. So if you hear me say it. Please point it out to me. Trying to change for the good. Thanks!


Amy said...

I've been there. I didn't realize how much I said the "f-word" but now that I'm trying really hard not to say it I realize that I do say it alot. I have other bad habits I'm trying to break. You are not alone.

Jenna said...

Hey Amy, thanks for the encouragement!

Melinda said...

Mine just may be a different "F-word". Same number of letters. Mine is "food". Not so much saying it as over-consuming it. Also to honor His birthday.