Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's been a while since I've blogged. I apologize...but here are my excuses:
  1. My boss is in town this week. For the first time since I started working for her, I've seen her twice in the same week. I started working in September.
  2. I've been writing content for our new website. So I've been kinda blogging, just not publicly all week.
  3. No one gave me suggestions on what non-profits to research and write about. That's right I'm blaming all of you.
  4. I just haven't been in the blogging (or for that matter reading blogs) mood. But I'm getting out of it - can you tell?
  5. I've started going back to the gym.
  6. The holidays are coming. And I'm not celebrating Christmas and instead doing Advent Conspiracy, but I'm still attending holiday events.
That is all I can come up with for now. Maybe I'll do some floating thoughts:
  • I'm checking out a new potential job at Enviromedia, and yes this is a shameless plug. In case they find my blog. I'm in love with their website.
  • I'm a little frustrated at myself for not coming up with a cool business title and thus a new blog title. Suggestions?
  • I'm super frustrated that I can't write eloquently enough about what my business does to actually post it on a website.
  • I love that at my job I can be everything from market researcher, legal, IT, and assistant.
  • I'm super excited that Kirk (my brother) comes home tonight, Beckie (my best friend) comes home on the 17th, and Stu (my dad) comes to visit on the 21st.
  • I'm a little upset that there is not enough snow at Meadows to open. But I'm praying that this weekend will change that.
  • I'm in love with my Bible study.
  • I'm feeling more at home at Wildfire, where as of last night I became an official 6th grade girl's leader. There is something so encouraging about being prayed over which makes it seem more official. And my girls (all three of them) prayed out loud last night. That is huge for an 11 year old.
  • I think I need a new haircut.
  • My dad wants to get a tattoo over Christmas break...I'm thinking about trying to talk him into letting (aka paying for) me to get another one.
  • I was reading Jenni's blog about childhood lovely's. And realized as much as I want to be an "adult" woman, I still am not ready to give some stuff up.
  • While I am in fact an adult woman (I have the driver's license to prove it) I still get mistaken for be 16. Like at Costco, last Thursday...

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Christina Groth said...

Hi Jenna! I'd love to get together with you to learn about the potential job at Enviromedia, you were looking into!