Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am officially starting a blog. I don't know how successful it will be. Being that when I was younger I would continually start diaries and prayer journals, only to discard them less than a month later. But I'm going to make an attempt. Since I know millions of people want to know what exactly Jenna is doing. Where she is going to be come May, when she graduates. Stuff like that.

Anyways, here are the play by play events for today. I woke up at 11AM, I actually set my alarm for 10AM, but I have a bit of a sinus issue so I thought an hour won't kill anybody. I had class at 12:45PM-2PM. Marketing research, I actually love this class. The professor is very real and exciting. We spent a majoring of the class period talking about lesbians and Subaru's. See - very interesting stuff. After class, I went to my aunt's house to drop some stuff off and regain possession of my old blue chair. Did I mention I now have a car at school. Which makes my life that much more fun and exciting. Planning lots of road trips. I'll keep you all updated. I can back to campus, to go to my 5PM class, but it was canceled due to my professor having the flu. ( I better not get that.) So I took a nap and now am setting at work. I'm a work study student (no taxes) working at a Supervisor (yeah pay raise) at the on-campus pub - the 1917 Tavern. Very fun. Tonight is a business co-fraternity is having an info. session and music. Should be good. Anyways, that is all for me.


Carrie Jean Peeples said...

Fun, I'm the first one to comment on your new blog!! I look forward to keeping up with you. By the way, blogs are easier to keep up with than diaries because you have the added pressure of other people reading them ;) Love ya!!

Jenna said...

Alright, you have now accepted the job of making sure I post every couple of days.