Sunday, September 23, 2007

I love my friends. I love the fact that I can call people when I'm upset and know that someone will be there to give me a hug and let me cry on their shoulder. I love that I can go for a walk off campus and end up at my friend's apartment and be immediately be given a hug, handed a beer and be laughing in less than 5 minutes.

How did I end up this way? Well, today I got a phone call my ex-boyfriend Nick. Whom I dated for a very long time, and still love. After being told he received a text message from me yesterday he decided to call me. I haven't called him since after Houseboat camp in June and it is his 22nd birthday. This conversation turned bad and he attempted to tear me down, limb from limb. I can't wait to find out why God lets certain people in our lives. When I first met Nick, I thought God put me in my life to teach me that I can actually love people and I can love them back. Then I believed that God put him in my life because he was "the one". Now, I have no idea why God put him in my life at all. Maybe more reflection will come later.

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Carrie Jean Peeples said...

Great questions! Although sometimes I drive myself crazy wondering "why". Maybe this isn't the right angle but now I think sometimes (although God's hand is on it somehow), there might not be a "higher" reason and life just happens. We are effected by other people's sins and they are affected by sin from other people's lives that we end up feeling as well.
Sorry for the sucky call!!