Thursday, September 27, 2007

So, thought I should do an update. Since my last post was such a bummer. Oddly enough. I am doing great. I'm sitting at work, getting paid to watch the season premier of Grey's Anatomy. I am really tempted to post what happens in the episode so everyone back home will know what will happen before it actually does. Yeah time zone changes. I am looking forward to my weekend getaway. I am going up the NH with some kids from my Bible study to spend some time in fellowship. Then when I get home on Sunday, I am going to see Wicked with my friend Wei.

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Carrie Jean Peeples said...

No!! Don't post what happens in the premier, or any show, EVER. Even a couple days afterwards as those of us with no cable and limited to friends with DVR might be watching the shows a little later ;)