Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tonight was a very interesting night for two separate reasons. The first was I had a friend come over and we watched "Conversations with God", which was basically the story of how the author who wrote the books came to write the books. Very interesting. The one thing I loved about the movie was it totally showed these "God moments" which I totally love and believe in. And there was one moment where the author explains that our entire lives are conversations with God. Like how our life should be a constant prayer. Which I always thought would be very boring, and yet when you think about it. It really isn't. I guess it just confirmed my belief that I do actually hear the Voice of God, especially my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Something I knew that some people accepted and I completely shocked others. Long side note I know. I actually started reading one of the books but never got into it because my boyfriend at the time bought it for me and wanted me to read it more in a controlling way then an experiencing type of way. After watching this movie we started talking about religion and it turned out my friend shared some very personal information.

The second reason for an interesting night was a series of conversations with friends back home about events that took place this weekend. Is it horrible that I really want to cut certain people out of my life? I feel like sometimes my friends don't act their age - or they make horrible choices and I really don't feel close to these people for awhile. I mean I love them to death and they will always be a huge part of my life. But for now, my life is going in one direction and I don't think these people are going in that same direction. I don't know why stuff back home bothers me so much. Maybe a bit more reflection will help. Ask me about that later.

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