Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Back

From Houseboat Camp 2008!

I stole this picture from Tres via Janet Fraiser.

Some highlights of camp were:
  • Watching Sam just off the platform
  • Laughing so hard with Jenni, Laurie, Janette that Jenni had contractions
  • Watching Frank do a front flip off the party barge to school his son, Cass
  • Listening to an amazing speaker, Nick L, talking about the book of Jonah and asking "What's your gourd?" about 10 times
  • Learning how to wakesurf
  • Catching up with past students, I can't believe I have girls who are going to be juniors and seniors in high school
  • Having an outstanding replacement BK What?!? in Jen G.
  • Finishing up Eragon and starting the 2nd book of the Inheritance Trilogy

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