Thursday, July 24, 2008

Intel Job Shadow

Today I got the opportunity to job shadow a family friend, Jan Ohman, who is the Editorial Director of Employee Communications at Intel. Basically she is in charge of a team who produces Circuit, Intel's intranet for their 82,000 employees with news stories, corporate videos, and other content.

Some highlights I learned while at Intel:
  • Intel offers it's employees free coffee and soda!
  • Intel Twitters
  • Intel is the #1 2008 Corporate Citizen
  • Intel has accounts with Facebook and Dreamworks
  • Intel is very pro-diversity and ergonomics focused
I got to sit in on a Circuit meeting with Jeremy Schultz, David Spencer, Krista Vasquez and Philip Davis. Some things in the meeting that sparked my attention:
  • Focus Group Research Break Downs (I felt like I was back in GB301)
  • Discussions about Intel's plasma TVs (they are attempting to go paperless - Bentley is the same way) and how to improve their effectiveness
    • Local news
    • Placement
    • Internal news
    • Emergency information
    • TV/Gaming
  • Discussions about Intel's Press Releases (and how blogging has become almost more effective - reminded me of Isreal's book - Naked Conversations)
Did I mention I got a sneak peek at Intel's Q3 video?

All in all an awesome experience. I got to meet a ton of people and had the chance to network. Hopefully something will come out of today!


Jeremy said...

Nice to meet you, Jenna! Best of luck in your continued journeys...

Jenna said...

Thanks Jeremy! It was nice meeting you too. I'll def. keep you updated.