Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thoughts on Heaven

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Randy Alcorn's 50 Days of Heaven: Reflections That Bring Eternity to Light, while I was working as a lifeguard at First Call's Family Retreat at Wildhorse Canyon a couple of weeks ago. So far I have loved reading it and gaining more perspective on Heaven and what happens after I die. Something I hardly ever give any thought too.

Last night while I was reading Day 20: Christ's Resurrection Body: The Model For Ours, which focuses on Philippians 3:20-21, "The Lord Jesus Christ...will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body." I learned that our bodies will be resurrected in new and improved physical forms. Not just ghostly forms, glittering around Heaven. This was exciting to think about. But I did have one question floating around my head.

Will we still have scars in Heaven?

I know when Jesus was resurrected He showed His hands and feet which bared the scars of His crucifiction on them to His apostles. But will we?

The reason why I'm pondering this is because, when I was 13 I was in a ski accident and had a titanium rod inserted into my left femur bone. With this came a huge scar that runs down the entire length of my thigh. This scar plays a huge part in my identity, something I cherish and reminds me constantly that certain luxuries (like walking) shouldn't be taken for granted.

Now, I'm stuck wondering if in Heaven will I still have my titanium rod? I don't think so, I trust that God will return me to my original form. However, my scar I would like to keep. And I also look forward to living in a body where my shoulders don't hurt constantly from overuse from years of water polo and swimming.

Oh glorious day.

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