Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shh! It's a secret...

...I'm dying my hair pink for Houseboat Camp! I can't keep it a secret any longer and since not a ton of people read my blog I figured I could tell the world without actually telling the world.

The last time I dyed my hair was Spring Break sophomore year of college so like 2.5 years ago. And for those of you who knew me in middle and high school that is a LONG time for me. It is about time for a new color.

Plus it is only for this week, the 10 days I'm at camp and then when ever I get time to dye it back to a regular color for job interviews.

As for the job interview front. Not going as well as I though. I'm personally blaming the economy! I spend time hunting online on monster, careerbuilder, and craigslist and after an hour I decide that a nap seems more productive. Every job wants more experience (like 5-10 years). Oh well, I got a second round interview with a marketing firm when I get back from camp. Also, I am meeting a family friend to shadow her at Intel for the the morning and get coffee with her after camp. Plus the week after camp I'm having coffee with my mentor at Nike. So maybe something fruitful will come from those meetings.

Plus, I applied for this kick ass job at the Portland Art Museum. And I'm totally mentally glamorizing it in my mind, all while trying not to get my hopes up.

Anyways, PINK HAIR! If you could have any hair color what would it be and why?

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