Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Years Ago...

10 years ago today, I broke my leg. Broke might be an understatement, I shattered my femur while skiing on Spring Break. Last Saturday, while my mom and I were skiing (yes, I still ski) I realized it has been a DECADE since that day. Crazy! In honor of this special day I thought I would do a trip down memory lane of all the things I've accomplished even with my titanium rod and four pins:
  1. Learned how to walk again (very important).
  2. Learned how to rely on my family and friends for everything (humbling).
  3. Played varsity water polo in high school (major goal in rehab).
  4. Swam competitively for my university (definitely was the slowest kid).
  5. Completed 3 Nike Women Half Marathon's (and I got the Tiffany Co. bling to prove it!) See above photo. You can kinda see my scar too...
  6. Enjoying telling stories of how I got my scar "I got bit by a shark," "I got knifed," and "so-and-so hates me".
  7. Going off in airports (sometimes) and having to explain to people "no I can't take off my leg."
  8. Still skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, camping and traveling.
  9. Being able to do stupid things ("I can't break my leg again", "I'm bulletproof", "I'm 1/2 robot", etc.)
  10. I now have the perfect excuse as to why I'm so short compared to the rest of my family!
Here's to a couple more decades of health and happiness. I can't wait until all my friends are 60 and catching up to my bionic-ness!

Where were you 10 years ago?

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Anonymous said...

You learned how to walk again? That can be a challenge. Got any pointers for me?
- eric