Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Chair Group in PDX

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Red Chair Group's conference here in Portland, OR. I studied social media in college and have done some freelance work but my primary focus the last year and a half has been gaining a solid foundation in sustainability. This conference gave me the chance to get back to my roots.

Lead by Olivier Blanchard, this conference focused on mid-level managers and account-level professionals on how to properly manage, measure and grow social media programs under their care. Perfect for me and my new position as Community Manager at The Standard (more info on that in another blog post). Some of my favorite take aways from the event included:
  • "You can no longer live on the mountain." You need to engage in with your customers and communities. "Customize content for all channels."
  • It's my job to help bosses understand the shift that is happening. Something I definitely need help doing. But this conference helped me with that. From vertical engagement (the brand speaking to the consumer) to lateral engagement (the brand speaking to the consumer, hearing back from the consumer and the consumers talking to one another).
  • Social media enables social community. Yet another way to view this shift. "Create something worthwhile, then let the community share it."
  • There are four core disciplines of Social Media:
  1. Strategy (Development)
  2. Operations (Integration)
  3. Monitoring reputation, community and customer support (Management) : ME!
  4. Analyst (Measurement)
  • "Value has become a buzzword. Buzzwords are meaningless. Value is not a product. Value = Usefulness."
  • "Think of your department goals. Goals are not targets. Set targets. Be specific. Be Clear."
  • There was a lot of talk on legal considerations when it comes to social media. I learned something new here. Libel is written defamation and slander is spoken defamation.
  • Rules for Engagement:
  1. Never get suckered into an argument.
  2. Stick to the facts.
  3. Never assume anything.
  4. Be helpful.
  5. Some people can't be reasoned with.
  6. Do the best you can.
  7. Listen more than you speak.
  8. If you feel outnumbered, get help.
  9. Follow up.
  • Steps to Channel Development:
  1. Identify channels you should be in.
  2. Understand channels you should be in.
  3. Create listening outposts.
  4. Connect with key citizens "denizens".
  5. Become involved with topics and conversations.
  6. Develop a positive reputation.
  7. Grow social equity.
  8. Establish leadership presence.
  • ROI = gain from investment - cost of investment / cost of investment.
  1. Establish a baseline.
  2. Create activity timelines (schedule!).
  3. Monitor impacts on conversations.
  4. Measure transactions.
  • F.R.Y. = Frequency, Reach, Yield.
Just want to share some highlights of the conference. Red Chair Group PDX will be back this fall, so I'll be posting information on that as soon as I get it. And I'll be attending So Fresh PDX in a couple of days so look for that post soon too.


LittleGirl l BIG VOICE said...

Thanks for beating me to the punch Jenna—Am now feeling like TOTAL slacker now ha ha! Great summery + was fun to see you at the conference.


Jenna said...

Hope you get your post up there soon. Will you be going to So Fresh?