Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brian Lorrits Second Session on Saturday Morning was about Fulfilling God's Purpose for Our Life and the reading was from Philippians 3:1-16. Lorrits talked about how we are not living up to the original intent of the designer and find out what is God's SPECIFIC purpose for my life. In Philippians 3:12 "lay hold" actually means "pursue/overtake" This means that God wants to lay a hold of our minds, bodies and souls in such a manner that He is constantly pursing us to overtake and consume us.

Lorrits gave us some practice knowledge on how to figure out what God's specific purpose in our life is. First of all, one needs to think of what is in our hands? What are we naturally drawn too. Lorrits gave the example of Moses, how he was a simple shepard, who had a staff and that staff later became the tool in which Moses convince the Pharaoh to let his people go - it became a snake and parted the Red Sea. Some pretty cool stuff. It was interesting because Lorrits talked about how not everyone needs to become a missionary or a pastor and that in a world like today corporations need good moral, Christian people to led by example.

Lorrits also gave three pointers on how to figure out what God's specific purpose in our lives is:

1. From verse 10 - we need to know Him and experience Him.
2. We must have a passion "I press on"
In ancient Greece, speakers would talk in sections of three:
1. logos - content
2. ethos - embody
3. pathos - passion
3. We must always reach forward. Too many Christians get caught up looking in their rear view mirror (caught up in good things or bad) that they can't move forward.

I really enjoyed the part about Moses, how that tied into finding out God's purpose and looking to what you are good at, especially since now I am currently looking for a job and trying to find out what God wants me to be doing with my life. I have a couple ideas but I'm not quite sure. I also liked the part about the rear view mirror, because I know I struggle with that constantly. But I do believe I am getting better about it - God has been testing me lately when it comes to that though - but I believe I am doing a ton better - even from this summer.

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