Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jenna is not supposed to be working in "Corporate America!" Today was our school's annual career fair. So there I am, the 5'2'' wonder (they tell girls not to wear heels over 2 inches tall - seriously I don't think anyone would notice if I did - which I didn't cause I can't walk in heels). With an very androgynous face like a 12 year old (even with makeup). With short, curly - Shirley Temple-esque hair - why does everyone in the business world have long, straight, brown hair? Walking around in a suit, running into everyone I know at my school, who at first walked passed me, since they don't recognize me at first, then turned around and went OMG Jenna! You're all dressed up! What do you expect? It's a career fair, they tell you exactly what to wear (which makes my life very easy since I'm fashionably special - I tried on all three of my suits for my roommates to finally get the right outfit). I felt like I was at prom again (where my friends saw me in a dress for like the first time). Not to mention they also tell girls not to wear a low cut shirt, but that really doesn't apply to me, even with my water bra on I don't have any cleavage. My only joy was knowing that I was wearing a thong under my amazingly professional suit that says "I party like a rockstar." This all happens before I actually start talking to potential employers.

So then I start looking for people to talk too. 140 companies, 2/3 are finance/accounting, that limits me down to about 45 companies, 20 of those are IT companies, so that gives me 25 companies in either marketing or management (two passions of mine). But who wants to hire a girl who wants to save the world? No one. But I did hand out a million copies of my resume to those 25 companies. Hopefully, someone will get back to me about corporate social responsibility.


4stroms said...

Rock on - you'll be surprised how many companies want an intelligent, compassionate, woman of integrity even if she's "special" in many other ways.

Carrie Jean Peeples said...

Cool!! Glad to hear it went well. I like the way you write ;)