Thursday, March 06, 2008

I haven't been in the mood to blog for awhile now. Which is weird. I usually have tons of stuff I want to get out there. However, I've been working a lot AND been trying to get ahead of my school work so I can really enjoy my spring break. Which started yesterday! But I do have a couple of announcements:
  1. My younger brother, Kirk, might come to visit me for his spring break (in like two weeks)!
  2. My senior portraits arrived today! Graduation is getting closer. I have wallet sized photos if anyone wants any - let me know.
  3. My spring break cruise is so close, yet so far. I head down to CT on Saturday then leave really early Sunday morning.
Today, my goal is to get ahead in 3 classes (I've done 2 so far!) And get my laundry done. I am also working 4 hours today, driving students t0/from Service Learning, getting my car oil changed, watching Bentley play in the NE-10s semifinals, and attending Senior Pub Night. Busy girl I know!

Also, today my best friend, Beckie Kruse, is supposed to find out if she got a GA position and University of Florida. Her number one pick for grad school. She already got an offer from Auburn (her number 2), which isn't that bad. But she would still rather go to Florida. So keep her in your prayers.


Melinda said...

How out of the loop an I? I did not know that college seniors do pictures, too. Sorry Josh! Didn't do any for Christina either! Is this a yearbook sort of thing or more of a documentation of a benchmark year?

I'll take a wallet size! Cool!

Jenna said...

It's a bit of both. The picture goes in the yearbook. But you can also order prints for family and such. I did it for my extended family. I'm going to get them framed and wrap them up with a thank you note, thanking them for all their support.

nancy said...

How did you get home from Senior Pub Night? Carried by whom? You're a great kid; I love the frame and ty note idea, but mothers worry. It's in our job description!