Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kirk is Coming Today!

My "little" brother, Kirk, is coming to visit me for his Spring Break. I say "little" because as many of you know he is over a foot and a half taller than me. However, I am three years older than him. I'm super excited to have him visiting. Hopefully, he will get a better idea about what college is and have some fun. He seems to be struggling (as I think a lot of freshman do) so please pray for him. Here is our agenda for the week.

Saturday: Hang out/dinner.
Sunday: Celebrate Easter and my mom's sister's (Auntie M) house with her family.
Monday: Go to the Celtics v. 76ers game with my two friends Dave and Adrian.
Tuesday: Nothing "fun" planned. I need to work on that.
Wednesday: Go to Springfield, MA (1.5 hours away) to watch Bentley play in the NCAA Division II Elite Eight Game.
Thursday: Kirk heads back home in the AM.


Christina L said...

So did you have a great time with your brother?
It was really nice having Josh home. He just returned to school today.

Jenna said...

Yeah, we had a good time. Good conversations and a lot of basketball. It was good seeing him. I'll see him again in 5 weeks when I graduate from college! Crazy!