Monday, May 19, 2008

Greetings from PA

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to send a little message letting everyone know we are somewhere outside New Scanton (sp?), PA. We got to a Choice Inn around 10:30PM and crashed. I've been going non stop since finals week and FINALLY got a good night sleep. We are a little slow getting out of here today. We wanted to leave at 8AM, which is in one minute but dad is still in the shower and we haven't eaten our free contential breakfast. Oh well. Today we plan on meeting up with a woman dad mentored at Nike who now works for Victoria Secrets and her new husband and check out the Motorcyle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, OH. Then drive until we get tired again. We did over 400 miles yesterday from 3-10PM. Hopefully we will get farther today.

I'm also thinking about joining a female roller derby league this summer. Good way to work out, make new friends, and work out some agression don't you think? Less stress on my shoulders than swimming. If anyone knows anything about this sport let me know. Thanks!

Hope everyone is doing well. Message me and let me know what you are up too.

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