Friday, May 02, 2008


So, I'm officially sick. On a Z Pack and so is my roommate. I'm feeling a bit nauseas which is a little weird. Hopefully it will go away soon. I'm hanging out at my aunt's house right now. Needed to get some laundry done. So I'm feeling productive while hanging out home alone watching The Incredibles on Disney Channel. Good movie. I've seen it before. My aunt and family are at Oliver, which both my cousins are in. I was hoping to go today, but I just wasn't feeling up to it. So I'm just taking it easy. My roommates are stuck in their room studying for a final they have tomorrow so I would probably just be hanging out in my room trying to be quiet. On the bright side, I am getting a ton of FREE laundry done. It cost $3/load at school. And I took a final today - no more Lewis & Clark ever again. And submitted another final for my Monsters and Madmen in Lit and Film that is due tomorrow morning at 9AM. I'm now down to one final of my college career that is Tuesday at 6:30PM. So I have a ton of time to study, which is nice. That is pretty much my life right now. Everything seems to be under control. All I need is for this sickness to go away. I leave for the Bahamas in 8 days!


Crystal Renaud said...

sorry you don't feel well. boo! i will pray for a quick recovery. i linked over here from Jenni Clayville's blog. your fart comment made me laugh out of loud, literally. i can genuinely appreciate that kind of honesty.

Jenna said...

Nice to meet you! How do you know Jenni?