Sunday, May 04, 2008


My friend Jenni, by way of my newer friend Crystal started blogging about their funny quirks. So instead of studying for my final I thought I should start brainstorming some of my own. Here is what I got so far:
  1. I have to write thank you notes after each present I receive for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. or I can't open my next present - this got so bad my parents started hiding mixed presents under different parts of the tree.
  2. I need to wash my hands after I touch anything.
  3. My room can be a completely mess but I know exactly where everything thing is, however, anything outside of my room needs to be completely organized or I am lost.
  4. I need to be completely wrapped in "Puff" (my blanket) to sleep.
  5. I don't sleep with any pillows. I also don't own any which makes it really hard to have sleep over parties.
  6. I still sleep with a stuff animal, Teddy Betty, which I got on my first Christmas. He doesn't have a face any more and I take him on business trips.
  7. When I'm home for the summer or Christmas break I usually sleep in my mom's bed more times then I sleep in my own.
  8. I hate unpacking, but love packing stuff up.
  9. I enjoy crossing things off lists.
  10. I enjoying popping zits, especially on other people.
  11. My toenails always have to be painted. If they chip I will redo them all.
  12. I never brush my teeth at night unless I drank soda that day.
  13. I have to crack my entire body when I wake up in the morning and consistently throughout the day.
  14. I have to call both my parents and tell them I love them before I get on a plane. Even if this requires waking them up at 3AM.
  15. I have to go to the bathroom before getting on any mode of transportation, bus, train, plane, or car.
  16. When I get nervous I start scratching my left hand by my bottom thumb knuckle or the tops of my shoulder blades.
  17. I get nervous that one day I'm going to take off all the hairs on my eyebrows every time I pluck them in an attempt to get them to match that I need someone to watch me do it.
  18. I hate shaving, and will go months without doing it.
  19. I still hate wearing shorts where strangers can see the scar on my leg, but I love wearing swimsuits in public.
  20. I hate that college now makes me feel like I have to wear makeup and underwear everyday.
What are some of your quirks?


Crystal Renaud said...

just Jenni through the wonderful world of blogging. she is fabulous!

oh and your #3... ditto.

Jenna said...

Cool. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Melinda said...

I am the opposite of you, pertaining to brushing teeth before bed. I can NOT sleep without brushing my teeth first . . . as well as after breakfast and lunch.

Thanks for the entertainment!