Sunday, January 27, 2008

Changing My Major

Yes, I do know I'm a second semester senior. Yes, I do know it is incredibly last minute. Yes, I know it might not work out. But I was looking over my DAS (degree audit summary) on Friday and realized I have taken 24 credits of management courses (current major) and 24 credits of marketing courses (something I realized I am way more passionate about). So hopefully I can either change my major or double major. I'm not sure, but I have a meeting with my academic adviser tomorrow at 1:30PM to find out. I think I'll be able to do more with a marketing major than just a plain management one. But I do know that it is incredibly last minute so I know it might not work out, which is fine with me. But I am going to try. Would you expect anything less of me?

On a side note, MK 402 class we have to follow a blogger who write about social media and write about them on our classes newly created blog:

And my blogger, Shel Israel actually wrote on my blog and we have been emailing back and forth. Which is incredibly cool (or at least I think so). Or I'm the biggest nerd ever.

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