Tuesday, January 29, 2008

God Moments vs. Impatience

I always feel like I need to work on praying more for guidance. I seem to struggle with that a lot internally. Maybe just cause it's in my nature to be very strong willed, impatient, driven, and I think that I have pretty good street smarts that makes me this way. But I have never been the one to stop and pray about what God wants me to do with anything, which classes I should take, what I should do with my life, who I should invest time with, etc. But them I feel like for most of my life, things just seem to fall into perfect place for me. My God moments I call them. Where things could not have a lined up so perfectly without His divine intervention. Not to mention I feel like God made me this way for a reason. Should I just go with it? I'm pretty sure most of those personality traits aren't sins and I like them for the most part. But I do know that God wants us to strive always for our best - so maybe I just need to improve on some of those things. I'm not sure. Just looking for thoughts or comments today. Should I just accept that God made me this way and our relationship is pretty strong, and I love and respect His "God moments" in my life. Or should I start spending more time in prayer asking Him what He wants me to do - rather just going with the flow that is my nature?

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Carrie Jean Peeples said...

Prayer never hurt anything ;) However, if you spend more time with God, except Him to show up or be more active in our lives. Sometimes it feels like in the ways we DIDN'T want. hah!!
Good posts!!