Monday, June 09, 2008

Playing Hide and Seek with God

During my down time at Wildhorse Canyon this weekend (aka not lifeguarding during free time) I got the chance to listen to an awesome speaker, Bill Paige. Who gave a great example of God. Paige talked about how since he is a grandfather his grandson loves to play hide-and-seek. So while his grandson is counting, Paige hides behind a curtain. And when his grandson comes looking for him, he wants his grandson to find him because that would make his grandson so happy. God is the same way, He wants us to find Him. There is nothing separating us from God but a curtain. But that those who actively seek Him will find Him. And this finding of God is so special. It really brings joy to God heart as well as to the person seeking Him. Just like when Paige's grandson finds him.

I was at Wildhorse lifeguarding for an awesome ministry called First Call Family Ministries. Which supports first responders (firefighters, police, and EMS professionals and their families), while showing them God's love. Here are some statistics about these professionals:
  • Divorce rates as high as 84%
  • Suicide rates can be as high as 6X the national average (there is also a correlation between children of first responders and suicide)
  • Significantly higher levels of alcohol, substance abuse and domestic violence
  • Cynicism, hyper-vigilance, and isolationism become their world
  • On top of putting their own personal safety on the line every day in order to protect and serve our communities

Makes you want to hug the next police officer, firefighter or EMS personal right?

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Carrie Jean Peeples said...

Yes we should do a coffee date!! Email me. Lunch times or early mornings are the best. Seriously ;)