Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex and the City

This afternoon my mom and I went to see Sex and the City. Really good movie for a chick flick only if you watched and enjoyed the TV series. (That is my review) Is someone who has seen a couple of episodes (not enough to be a fanatic or anything). I did like the throw backs to the TV series. For example (don't worry this isn't a spoiler) when Carrie is trying on old clothes while she is packing she wears the skirt from the opening scenes of the TV show. Stuff like that - I'm sure I missed a whole lot more. But whatever.

The more interesting part (could be seen as more depressing maybe) is that while I was watching the movie I realized how few real good girl friends I actually have. Girls that would drop everything they are doing to help me. I'm super appreciative of the ones I have don't get me wrong. But maybe because we are all graduating from college (or recently been out of college) and are still confused about our own lives or in my case I have good friends here on the West Coast and good friends on the East Coast that aren't connected. I feel a little lost when it comes to girl friends. Kind of sad I know. But when I look at my mom she has had a great group of ladies, who have supported one another through marriages, divorces, pregnancies and teenagers. Some from college and some from when we moved to Oregon and I feel like I don't have that and I wish I did.

Maybe that is my own fault for being a tough, independent, tomboy (probably). But I hope someday, when I'm older I will be able to look back and say "wow, I am lucky."

Going along with this I would like to point out I have amazing guy friends. But it's not the same. And over last summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I went through a whole re-evaluation of my friendships and only wanted to surround myself with those positive people what really wanted what was best for me and not just kids I grew up with. A decision I still stand by.

So my question to all of you is, do you have a Miranda, Samatha, and Charlette? If so, who and how do you support one another?

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nancy said...

You are in a transition point of your life and a more difficult one than most having had academic and home lives separated by 3000 miles. My high school life in CT, college life in NH, independent post grad life in RI, newly wed life in NH and extended family life in MA intertwined in New England. Having moved to the west coast to raise our family, I keep in touch with only one girlfriend from high school (a relationship that really deepened in college), my roommate and one hallmate from the dorms freshman year in college, and two girlfriends from my upperclass years. That’s a total of four girlfriends from your current life stage. As you enter the independent stage you will connect with girlfriends from work, church and social activities. You’ll be in their weddings; they’ll be in yours. You’ll give birth and raise babies with girlfriends, probably the most bonding of years. You’ll need all these women to get through your teenagers’ years! And statistics show we’ll out live most of our husbands so we’ll need our girlfriends right through our twilight years.