Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I just wanted to let you all (ya'll) know that I'm leaving Thursday to fly down to Alabama to visit my best friend, Beckie Kruse (BK!). Some of the high lights of my trip will include:

  • Seeing BK
  • Seeing Madelyn Kimbrough - a girl who I went to Honduras with my senior year and is now engaged!
  • Going to the Auburn vs. LSU football game - my first Div. I football game EVER!
  • Checking out BK's new school, work, and hom
  • Tagging along to BK's classes with her
I'll be back next Tuesday and will try to stay in OR for longer than 2.5 weeks before leaving to go somewhere else!

Has anyone been to Alabama? If so, what should I expect? Any suggestions of places to check out?

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