Friday, September 19, 2008

Auburn: First Impressions

BK is at work. So I went on my own little adventure around "main street" which is actually called College Street (I think). Here are my first impressions of Auburn:
  • Stores still use styrofoam (cups and egg crates) - not a very environmentally friendly place
  • Boys ride motorcycles in flip flops - boys who ride motorcycles = hot, wearing flip flops = not
  • Boys have "the swoop" hair cut - pretty much the hair cut my little brother had when he was in elementary school...
  • One could easily furnish your entire apartment/house/car/clothes with orange and navy blue
  • People are really friendly in the stores
  • Everyone here drinks Budweiser
  • BK (and the rest of the population here) wears boat shoes (reminds me of CT)
  • Power walking seems to be a serious sport here - yet no Nike gear...
More to come later.

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