Monday, September 08, 2008

Awesome Weekend

This weekend was an awesome weekend! One for the books. Here is what I did:

Friday: I worked at THPRD for my supervisor who wasn't feeling well from 1:30-8:30PM. Kind of a long shift but the pool was in a weird limbo week so there wasn't a lot of actual people in the pool so we had a lot of free time. After work I met up with a friend Paige, who started her student-teacher job at Jesuit high school. It was so good to hang out with her, hear about her new job and tell her about China.

Saturday: I worked from 11:30AM - 8:30PM - for my supervisor who is getting married next weekend and had a lot of planning to do. After work, I met up with an old friend Katie, and checked out Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland. Their beer is amazing! The food is so-so. But the atmosphere is what sold me. All organic food and sustainable products. In the woman's bathroom had writing all over the wall and I couldn't figure out what it said. When I turned around to look in the mirror, written behind me was the words "you are beautiful". Seriously the best idea ever! Being with Katie was great, we go back to 3rd grade soccer and she is by far the funniest person I have ever known. I woke up Sunday morning and my face hurt. I was laughing that much. We were so the annoying loud laughing chicks at the bar and we were totally okay with that.

Sunday: I worked AGAIN from 9:30AM - 8:30PM. And then met up with Evan, another old school friend. I've actually known him since 5th grade, we go to the same church and found out my senior year of high school he had a crush on me when we were in 5th grade. He was super mean to me back then. I guess that saying is true about little boys showing their "love" through being mean. We checked out Lucky Labrador in downtown Portland by OMSI. I loved the atmosphere while we were there, it was all penned in and there were dogs all over the place. But their beer tasted funny. I had a serious stomach ache by the time I got home.

Overall, awesome weekend. Made some money, hung out with amazing friends, checked out a two new breweries. Couldn't have been better.

What is your ideal weekend?

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