Thursday, February 05, 2009

Growing Up

I need something to write's been awhile...Here is what I'm thinking:

1. This summer will be the first summer I won't have a summer break. No more working at the swimming pool. Finding a sub so I can go wakeboarding when it's nice out. No deciding I can take a two weeks off to go to Houseboat Camp (which isn't happening this year - silver lining) or go to China or who knows where else. I'm not counting the first 5 years of my life since every day was summer...
2. I need to get health insurance...I'm currently one of 47 million Americans without it...working on it though. Talked to my boss, talked to my parents, talked to my friends who are paying for insurance out of pocket, talked to my friends who work in the medical field, checked out some websites, called some agents...I have the ball rolling. I just live a life where I need insurance. I tend to be a little too outgoing and my body is falling apart faster than a normal 22 year olds should be. Yeah competitive sports!
3. My mom recently started talking about paying rent. Not in a bad way, just brought it up, talking about it or more debating on how much I should pay. More to come on this. But my question is (if you feel comfortable answering):

How much did you pay for rent right after you graduated from college? Any special details?

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