Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter Camp

In 2 hours I'm heading to Sunset Presbyterian Church's Middle School Winter Camp! The theme of this weekend is Love Wins! (Fitting since it's Valentine's Day weekend.) I'm going with a group of 6th grade girls (starting all over again). I haven't been to middle school camp since I was a senior in high school, so I'm like 5 years out of touch. I'm also the "adult" leader. Which is usually a mom, instead their getting a 22-year-old women and awesome co-leader Emily. Here's to not being mistaken for a 8th grade boy! Long story, ask me about it sometime...

Prayer Requests:
* Camp in general, safety, etc.
* My 6th grade girls - it's their first winter camp!
* My co-leader Emily.
* For the games - I'm leading those this year.
* For my energy and my heart. I'm feeling a little unrested and down heading into camp. Not a good thing.

See you Monday night!

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