Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter Camp 2009 "Love Wins"

Here are some highlights of Sunset Presbyterian Church's Middle School Camp: LOVE WINS!

  • Learning Phil Wickham's "True Love"
  • Getting to know my 6th grade girls story
  • Watching those same 6th grade girls go through "The Experience" without help from our leaders...there is something about the sound of hammering that just brings me to tears every time.
  • Finally understanding my mom's "Clean Up Fairy" This was their first winter camp, lots of "learning experiences" packing for themselves, cleaning up for themselves, making healthy habit choices, etc.
  • Being "Jenna, the Game Girl" Shaving cream hairdos, oreos, mummies, and dollar dollar bills ya'll...
  • Dance Party! Busted out my classic 80s college costume. First middle school dance party since I was IN middle school...DJ Five-Oh was jealous...
  • Being farted on by one of my girls during free time...YOU HAVE TO ASK ME ABOUT THIS ONE!
  • Watching my girls finally grasp how great an awesome God truly is...you could literally see their minds explode during this conversation. How great is God that He can be so small for a 6th grader to understand, and yet so complex to create the universe and then push that same little girl to grow even more in Him.
Pictures coming soon...


Melinda said...

Um, do I HAVE to ask you about this one? Do I want to know more?
"Being farted on by one of my girls during free time...YOU HAVE TO ASK ME ABOUT THIS ONE!"
Thanks so much for using your passion for Him, by serving as you do!

Jenna said...

Hahaha, one of my girls and I were up on the top bunk and I was pretending to "walk on the ceiling" and my girl tried to to do it to and ended up farting!