Sunday, February 01, 2009

Books, Books, Books

I love to read. I love learning. I love the way books feel. I love how they can transport me to different places. I can't wait until I have my own place and I can go to Goodwill, Ikea, hit up garage sales, and Craigslist to get tons of bookshelves to rescue my extensive collection of books from the attic. I'm also one of those people who can be reading more than one book at a time. What are you reading right now you might be asking. Here is what I'm currently working on:

1. A Lion Among Men, by Gregory Maguire, the guy who wrote Wicked. Which is by far my favorite book by Maguire (Wicked that is). This one (A Lion Among Men) is the story of Brr, the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz. Once I finish this one, I just need to read Lost, and I'm all caught up with Maguire's writing. Anyone want to let me borrow it? This is my right before bed, read a couple of pages then fall asleep book. [Just checked on, looks like Maguire is coming out with a new book...better get going].

2. The Necessary Revolution, by Peter Senge. This one I'm reading for work, Peter is friend's with my boss, Darcy Winslow, and she is actually quoted in the book! Crazy. I pretty much only read this book while riding to and from work on Max or when I'm waiting for something to happen in the office. Just started reading it. It is helping me wrap my head around this whole "sustainability" thing that I do...

3. Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. My mom loves getting books on CD to listen to on her way to/from work as well. Which I love because I load them up on my iPod and listen to them on Max when I can't sit down and actually read. I've listened to Gladwell's other book Blink. Which I loved! I also want to read (or listen) to Gladwell's other book, The Tipping Point. Once again, anyone own it and want to let me borrow it?

What are you reading right now? Why?


Josh Groth said...

If you like Gladwell, you HAVE to read the tipping point. It is pretty amazing. Granted a lot of his ideas in the book could be Cliff Noted, and you'd be fine, but his perspective on social influence is quite intriguing! Great, highly recommended read!

Jenna said...

Got a copy I can borrow? It is def. on my reading list.