Thursday, February 07, 2008

100 Days...

When I was in kindergarten we had a big celebration for our 100th day of kindergarten. We collected 100 pennies, 100 buttons, looked how far we could go taking 100 steps, etc. It was a pretty big deal let me tell you. Tonight is senior pub night (our school does this once a month) and the theme is 100 days until graduation. 100 days from today (including weekends), it will be May 17th and I be done with my continuous college education (I might do grad school at some point but not for a couple of years - thus the continuous part). So before heading to the bar to celebrate being so close to being done. I'm sitting here thinking back to how long 100 days was to me when I was 5 and how short 100 days seems now that I'm 21.

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