Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Career Fair Tomorrow:

Tomorrow is Bentley's career fair. I'm going to go check it out see if I can get any leads for a job. What I'm looking for:
1. A marketing job (back up management job).
2. A job outside of New England (West Coast or International preferably)
3. Something non-profit (or Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability aka not driven by money but will make me feel like I'm actually making a difference in this world)

Things I need to do before hand:
1. Fix my resume
2. Update my Optimal Resume
3. Print out like 20 copies of my resume
4. Look over the list of companies so I can pin point who I want to talk too
5. Straighten my hair


Traci said...

So I am sure it's too late, cause it's already what, noon your time, but I wanted to wish you some God luck today in spending time with all the different representatives from the companies you are interested and let you know I am praying that the right opportunities come your way! :) Also...just a quick small side note on your Optimal Resume...change your "Home" to Permanent and "Campus" to Current...it is just a bit more grown up way to put it :)

YAY for being more sure of what you are interested in and capitalizing on it! NOW go straighten that hair! :) have a great day!!!

Jenna said...

Hahaha, thanks for the pointers. I'll make sure I do that today. The career fair was okay - everyone wants finance people and people who want to live in New England. Neither of which I am. However, I did get to say hi to my Peace Corp buddy and I talked to two interesting companies. One was a software on from Asia how is hiring project managers to help move there company from Hong Kong to Shanghai (where my dad lives). Which would be an awesome opportunity to do that for a year or so. The 2nd one was a 100% recycled products company, who is like the number one seller at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc. and its small, dynamic, very exciting. But it is based out of Waltham, which means I would have to live here (unattractive) however its a green company (attractive) and I would be doing sales/marketing which means I would get to travel around the country (attractive). So I dunno. Thanks for the prayers! I need them.