Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring Awakening (The Review)

First off, it was AMAZING!

Second, it was very provocative (a teen age boy motorboats his piano teacher and they actually simulate sex on stage - bear butt and all - a lot of swearing too!)

Third, I loved it! I loved the songs! I loved the story!

Oh the story, I can finally tell you what it is about because I've actually seen it now. Taking place in the 1890's in Germany its about a group of young teenagers who parents refuse to believe they are growing up and tell them about the birds and the bees. Left up to questioning, researching, explaining, and experimenting. Each of the kids ends up in different places, reformatory, dead, pregnant, living among gypsies, etc. Brilliant! The play deals with aspects of abuse, finding one's self, sexuality, love, abortion, masterbation, and suicide. There were some funny scenes, sad scenes and definitely a couple awkward growing up scenes. Here is the wikipedia description (warning spoilers).

Overall a very good first ever Broadway show pick.

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