Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It Never Gets Old

Amusing thought for the day. So the Bentley pool, where I have been lifeguarding at for four years now, ladies locker room just got a make over. One of the new installations is a machines that almost completely dries your wet swim suit. Most "nicer" gyms have this little contraption. You put a wet swim suit in. Hold down the lid, there is a bit of rumbling and then 10 seconds later - Wa-la! Dry suit! The wrung out water falls out of the machine into a little bucket at the bottom. I usually sit there and watch the water fall out in complete awe. But this morning I was walking into work and this old lady (around grandmother age) was watching the fall into the bucket and she dried her suit! I love it. No matter how old you get the simplest things still amuse us!

What amuses you?

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