Monday, April 28, 2008

Traci's Calendar

I'm copying Traci's Calendar idea. Thought this would make things easier.

April 29: Breakfast by Moonlight
April 30: Reading Day, Student Employee Awards, Staff Dinner. Buy graduation gown and post graduation party info on facebook and myspace.
May 1: Phone conversation with Nike and Floor Meeting
May 2: Service Learning Paper due, Lewis & Clark Final, and Lit Final all due
May 3-5: Pack
May 6: MK 343 Final
May 7: MK 402 Final due - that is already completed, Senior Laptop Checkout
May 8: Resident Check Out
May 9: Senior Ball
May 10: Move into the Trees
May 11 - 15: BAHAMAS!
May 16: Baccalaureate, Majors/Minors meetings, Service Learning and Ethics meetings
May 17: GRADUATION! And graduation party with family.
May 18-28: Cross Country Road Trip with Dad
May 29: Traci's Bday
May 31: OR Graduation Party - details coming soon!

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