Thursday, April 10, 2008


Feeling a bit unmotivated today.
  1. It could be because I did not get that much sleep last night due to a sleep over party with my friend Jade. Whenever her boy friend is gone she sleeps over. She called me "her full time friend and part time lover". I just enjoy the company.
  2. It could be because my knee is hurting - not really sure why that is. But it is definitely swollen though.
  3. It could be because it is super warm and sunny out right now. (I'm currently sitting on a picnic table attempting to do work).
  4. It could be because I'm two weeks away from being done with school and have senioritis... most likely.
I do have some work to do. However, it is simple everyday homework, so I'm not ready to do it just yet.

I have 9 minutes to kill before I need to get back to work. I'm working a lot today - surprised? 10AM - 2PM - lifeguarding, 3:30-4:30PM - lifeguarding, [dinner meeting @ 5PM], 7PM-1AM event staff. But it's good cause I'm poor and need to pay the bills.

I'm going to try and do what Kristin and Traci do, write a long list of things I'm thinking about:
  • I need lotion for my legs
  • I need a nap
  • I need a haircut
  • I love the sun
    • I love flip flops
      • I need to buy more flip flops
  • I love my friends who still call/email with me even though I'm 3,000 miles away
  • I hope I can do a roadtrip with BK this summer to her new home
  • I hope Jade figures out her life
  • I'm excited to go to Beer Summit next weekend
  • I should be doing work
  • I wonder what will happen after this summer
    • I should care more about what happens
  • Every time I watch trees sway it reminds me of Phenomenon - it really is relaxing
  • I should work out more
    • But my knee hurts
  • I'm sad my softball team lost last night
    • I wish Traci could come visit
      • But I'm excited that we might have future baseball plan
Not very exciting stuff. I'll try harder next time. Back to work!

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Kristen said...

yeah i figured it was a virus so i didn't touch appeared within seconds of my post so i was a bit skeptical...hope it doesn't eat my computer away!