Thursday, April 24, 2008


Here is what I have to do between now and May 8th:
  1. Finish all my finals and group projects
  2. Work 20+ hours/week
  3. Pack up my entire life and make sure it fits in my Volvo station wagon
  4. Pack for the Bahamas and graduation
  5. Wrap up all my extra curricular stuff
  6. Keep my sanity
So I'm a bit stressed out. So most of my blogs will probably be complaining or sharing pointless information that will make me feel better. Hope you enjoy it. Comment too please - makes me feel like the world is okay. Here is what I did today:
  1. Wrote my BCLP reflection paper - posted most of it on my blog. That is good. The final certificates and such I get are presented on May 16. My parents should be there with me....hopefully (just other thing to stress out about).
  2. Wrote my final service learning reflection journal - I still have to write my final 6 page paper for that - hopefully I will do that this weekend.
  3. Went shopping and got my thank you presents for my family - I still need to wrap them and write notes - hopefully doing that this weekend too.
  4. Almost finished my MK 402 final - emailed it to my professor she is going to send me comments tomorrow. I still need to add a Youtube resume and a generic cover letter. Hopefully I will finish that before 1PM tomorrow (before work) so I can turn it in on Monday and be done with MK 402 so I can focus on my other three finals.
Ah, that feels better.

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